Carol Cowlen

Carol-CowlenCarol Cowlen

Member Since July 30, 2007

What is your current or past career path or job?

I Formerly worked for the ARC of NC operating an Employment Program for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities who were economically disadvantaged.

What do you enjoy most in your life right now?   

Outdoor activities, cooking, traveling, and spending time with friends and family.

What does working with Friends of OCDSS mean to you?    

I enjoy giving back to my community.

What is/are your favorite Friends Project(s) and why?

Meeting Foster Kid’s needs and the Food Bank are two of my favorite programs because they help meet essential needs for the poorest individuals in our community.

How have you personally experienced Friends making a difference in Orange County? 

From 2007-2011, I was the person writing the checks. Occasionally I would meet the individual and their social worker at various stores and experience their gratitude for the assistance from friends.