Dazzie Lane

Dazzie-LaneDazzie Lane
Vice President; Assistant Secretary

Member Since 1993

What is your current or past career path or job?

Currently retired; in the past I worked in business management in Health Claims  at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of NC.

What do you enjoy most in your life right now?

Church participation, mission work, and volunteering as school reading partner in Chapel Hill/Carrboro elementary School (McDougal).

What does working with Friends of OCDSS mean to you?

Working with Friends enables me to be close to people wherein I can help live and enjoy a better lifestyle. This is in-keeping with my mission in life: “Helping where and when I can.”

What is/are your favorite Friends Project(s) and why?

Doing School Supplies, working with the Toy Chest at Christmas and working with the Food Bank.

How have you personally experienced Friends making a difference in Orange County?

Through the Food Bank program I have observed the joy it brings to those we are helping.