Pat Garavaglia

Pat-Garavaglia-Baloons&TunesPAT GARAVAGLIA

Member Since 2003

What is your current or past career path or job?

I am a partner in a small business–Balloons and Tunes–that has operated in Carrboro since 1980.  I also serve as the Chair of the Board of the Orange County Department of Social Services.

What do you enjoy most in your life right now?

I would have to say that my volunteer work gives me the most satisfaction in my life now.  I also enjoy running a small business and having interactions with so many folks from the community.  Spending time at home is something I enjoy a great deal and don’t seem to get enough of.

What does working with Friends of OCDSS mean to you?

Chris Nutter recruited me to be on the Board of FRIENDS in 2004 specifically to help with a project to get a van for a young man with severe disabilities.  Once we accomplished that I was hooked.  FRIENDS gives immediate aid in emergency situations.  This cuts through the red tape that those in need often experience.

What is/are your favorite Friends Project(s) and why?

My favorite FRIENDS project are the holiday programs.  My partner and I started almost 30 years ago sponsoring one child in Foster Care for Christmas throughout the Department of Social Services.  This has grown over the years so that now with the help of other individuals and businesses we sponsor over 200 children.

How have you personally experienced Friends making a difference in Orange County?

I know that help from FRIENDS has kept people from becoming homeless.  We also keep the power on and food on the table for countless families.  The change that this help makes in the lives of our neighbors empowers me to keep working hard for FRIENDS.