Highlights of the Previous Year

FRIENDS of Orange County Department of Social Services

Year in Review:  Fiscal Year 2013-2014

Income: In fiscal year 2013-2014 donations to FRIENDS were up by 26% over last fiscal year, from $47,328 to $59,732. Most of the money we raised came from individual responses to our annual fundraising letter.  We again had significant donations from several donors who have repeatedly donated to FRIENDS.  We have also received support form University Presbyterian Church and the Chapel of the Cross.

In the past year we processed and filled 218 requests from social workers.

Emergency disbursements increased by 3.5%.

Non-emergency disbursements decreased by 19%.  This was partly due to the uncertainty regarding County funding of Orange County Schools Family Specialists.  This resulted in no request for summer enrichment programs for at risk youth which has been a program which the Board of FRIENDS has seen as one of its most valuable investments.  Since the positions of Family Specialists have now been funded we anticipate a request for this program going forward.

We have continued with funding for our Safe Baby Project again providing DSS with 20 cribs to support families and promote child welfare by keeping infants from co-sleeping with parents and siblings.  A request to Chapel of the Cross for a grant of $2560.00 has been made to help fund this project going forward.

We have continued our partnership with the Carrboro Fire Department which helps us provide low cost car seats to families.

Since the flood of June 30 2013 we have enjoyed a new partnership with Jane Hathaway and the Furniture Project.  Jane and her group has helped provide whole homes of furniture to many DSS clients with FRIENDS  helping to supply beds.  The Furniture Project has asked for our help in finding storage for the furniture they acquire since they have lost their free storage at University Square.

We have had presentations to the Board from the Homelessness Connect project and The Farmer Foodshare Project and attended the Hog Day celebration with a table and literature to promote community outreach.

Our challenges going forward are keeping our funding stream healthy by making our organization known to the community and by finding new sources of revenue.

We continue to be a strong supporter of DSS and its clients and I thank you for all that you do to help those in our community who are struggling to provide a safe and healthy environment for their families.

Thank you for all you do for FRIENDS.  We should all be very proud of what we have been able to accomplish.  I look forward to the challenges that lie ahead.

Pat Garavaglia, President